Cloud economics for
on-premises data centres.

HPE SimpliVity 380 hyper converged solutions from Vohkus.


Simplify management, deploy services faster, and get predictable costs – all within your data centre. Achieve economics and scalability comparable to public cloud, without any security or connectivity worries.

  1. Improve governance and free up staff from basic admin and operations.
  2. 90% capacity saving across storage and backup.
  3. Easily switch or add more resources as workloads demand.


Today's businesses need a powerhouse hyperconverged solution that combines not only servers and storage, but all other IT devices below the hypervisor—a powerful, simple, and efficient platform with the agility and economics of the cloud in an on-premises environment.  That's exactly what the HPE SimpliVity 380 provides.





HPE SimpliVity Data Virtualisation Platform

At the core of HPE SimpliVity 380 is the HPE SimpliVity Data Virtualisation Platform, a revolutionary technology that provides:

  • Guaranteed 90% capacity savings across VM storage and backup through de-duplication, compression, and optimisation.
  • Highest levels of data integrity and availability ensured by built-in resilience, backup, and replication.
  • Global VM-centric management and mobility that simplifies day-to-day operations and enables seamless data mobility



Intuitive VM management with rapid deployment and scale

Simple, global management through VMware vCenter enables quick deployment, backup, cloning, movement, and restoration of VMs.

  • 8-node cluster deployment (1,000 VMs) in less than an hour
  • 53% increase in staff productivity
  • 1 TB VM restore in under 60 seconds


Better TCO than both traditional and public cloud deployments

Dramatically improve overall efficiency with TCO savings of 73% compared to traditional infrastructure and 49% compared to public cloud.

  • Storage efficiency increased by 40:1
  • Data center footprint reduced by 10:1
  • Backup management saving of 3 hours per day

What is
hyper converged?

A ‘hyper converged’ system integrates compute, storage and networking into a pre-configured system, managed by user-friendly software that doesn’t require extensive set up and operational administration.

Hyper converged infrastructures take a bite-sized approach to scalability in the data centre. Instead of expanding one component or hardware rack at a time you simply add another appliance-based node, making the entire environment one huge virtualised resource pool.

You can expand this pool quickly and easily, in a way that makes economic sense. In this way you achieve flexibility and economics akin to public cloud, but maintain the control that comes from running your own IT.

Traditional IT relies on forecasting future demands over multiple years. Hyper convergence eliminates the need to guess application requirements. You can start small and scale, adding resources with minimal effort and predictive costs as required.

Independently-verified ROI


Independent studies show that running virtual machines on-premises HPE SimpliVity hyper converged infrastructure is up to 49% less expensive than running them in a comparable Amazon Web Services environment, when considering total costs over a three-year period.

Forrester Consulting carried out research into the total economic impact and ROI of an HPE SimpliVity hyper convergence solution. Executives indicated that they were able to bypass expensive hardware upgrades, avoid related PS costs, and greatly improve storage efficiencies. The survey showed ROI of 224% over three years and payback within seven months, and the IT manager at a financial services firm told Forrester:

"I'm able to spend more time finding better solutions for the business instead of spending it on day-to-day maintenance."



HPE Simplivity with OmniStack advantages

Security, compliance, resilience and efficiency for your business


HPE SimpliVity 380 with OmniStack combines the industry’s most complete hyper converged solution with the best-selling server platform on the market.

Designed and optimised for modern virtual environments, HPE SimpliVity with OmniStack delivers all infrastructure and advanced data services for virtualised workloads – including guaranteed data efficiency, built-in data protection, and VM-centric mobility – in a single, scalable 2U building block.

The HPE SimpliVity 380 with OmniStack is built for simple deployment. It requires smaller numbers of staff to support the entire environment, ensuring they can be more productive rather than getting tied up troubleshooting infrastructure and hardware issues.

Workloads run on a common x86 hardware platform, using the software features of HPE OmniStack to divide up the actual hardware resources. Pools of x86 hardware can easily be re-purposed to other workloads as business requirements change.

and resilient

It’s quick and easy to update firmware, drivers, and apply patches/updates to multiple VMs and HPE ConvergedSystem nodes. Highly available clusters of hyper converged appliances deliver new levels of data availability.

Built-in enterprise data protection and resiliency simplifies backup so you can quickly restore operations. Always-on compression and de-duplication guarantees 90% capacity savings across storage and backup. And policy-based VM-centric management simplifies operations and enables data mobility, making development teams and end users more productive.